Azura Entas

Thrall of the Sea, Azura Entas, Scion of Murder


She’s a short little girl with well tended short black hair. Her eyes represent the colour of the sea with its cyan flavour and her pale skin leads many to believe she simply walked out from the sea at birth. Her attire consists of clothing barely making it legal through typical society, even by Camako standards. Her breasts are covered in a thin bra made of seaweed leather and her lower body covered in the same, a thin pair of panties made of seaweed leather. Over her panties is a thin two-piece skirt crafted of seaweed leather barely making it to her mid-thighs. Most of her features are covered by her cloak. She wears no shoes, or anything else to cover her feat or legs.


Azura is a relentless, heartless girl blinded by her faith. She hunts and kills anyone opposing the alignment of her faith, the intentions of her faith, or those with animal-like intelligence, seeing them as nothing more than a meal. Thus, she has been garnered a large threat to many populaces and branded a murder. A reward has been posted for her death with proof required, but almost all towns or cities honor this reward.

She has been known to kill peoples pets, children or people of faith or holiness. This includes animal compannions, clerics, paladins and followers.

Azura Entas

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