Seiva Wanrugai

Swift Claw of Rending, Seiva Wanrugai, Princess of Dimaon


Stunning, graceful, powerful; a few words that describe Seiva. Being the princess of an entire species has only helped her to become what she is today. An essence of strength, hardiness, grace and beauty. Much like their cousins, the Dragons, she is cunning, aware, brutally powerful and influential.

She has the tanned skin of a warrior, one out in the daylight from a young age, filling herself with discipline and practice. Her eyes are black as night with the singes of orange, giving the glimmer of a sunrise. Her hair, a deep shade of black with the streaks of orange, showing the balance she has within herself, and through her heritage of her mother, random tints of magenta, showing her chaotic side.

Voluptuous as her body may be, her arts are honed and polished, and as long as her hair may be, extending down to mid-back, her concentration in battle is unwavering. The equipment on her body is always light with her attire sometimes showing a little too much skin in some cultures. She has five scars on her face and two on her chest.


Seiva Wanrugai is the fourth daughter of Ruby Wanrugai. She has a total of five sisters and fourteen brothers. She’s also the only half-breed amongst them. Based on her fathers views, she’s to be the crown princess of all Dimaon. Even as a half-breed, she takes pride in her Dimaon heritage and embraces it to its fullest extent. With the eradication of all the Miasma Camako and her brother being the only surviving member, she has no concrete knowledge of her other heritage.

With the rumors of her brother, Sehshomaryu, being the sole reason of the Miasma Camako extinction and his attempted assassination of the King Ruby, she despises him. As a test of her own mettle and claim honor and peace for her family, she hunts down Sehshomaryu.

Seiva Wanrugai

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