Louine Vrinell

Countess Louine Vrinell of Lynnal


Countress Vrinell of Lynnal appears to be as regal as her title implies, even if she appears to be no older than a sixteen year old girl. From her finely managed auburn hair, her all-knowing, glistening eyes, her posture and even to her brilliant crystalline dress exudes the aura of royalty. The only odd thing about her appearance is her left hand, always worn in a mundane leather glove.

She’s always seen with five oddly coloured and shaped stones floating no more than a handful of feet away from her head and is always carrying a glass wand with a bloodstone embedded in its tip in her right hand.


Louine is the Countess of Lynnal, a small town located along the eastern continent of Abory. Much of her backstory is hidden in confusion. There have been rumors of her once being a great fighter, overcoming units of fighters sent to capture her growing town. There’ve also been rumors of her being an amazing spellcaster, delving deeply into the arcane arts. Both of which Louine denies.

Ten years ago, the town of Lynnal was attacked by horde of Orcs. Lynnal militia stood between the invasion and the town, along with Louine at its forefront. It was then she displayed an amazing show of swordplay, felling a fair amount of Orcs and obtaining not a single cut. When questioned by her people about the rumors of her being a great fighter after the display she replied, “I merely learned a few tricks from the militia. A few years of practice ought to make something good, even if only studied as a hobby.”

Four years later, it was noticed by her people that she hadn’t aged a single day. In fact, she still looked to be no more than a young girl from when she founded this town. Albeit she had been a great and just ruler since the day she founded Lynnal, there had been accusations of her lies in delving into the arcane arts. When questioned by her people she had unveiled the secrets of her ‘immortality’, “I merely have ties in my family of both arcane and divine. When my untimely death occurs, my soul is recovered and I am reincarnated. Each time, a year younger than before, so to you all; my subjects, I am but a young girl. However, mentally I am far older than any in my town. To preserve my life, and the royalty of my town, I have kept this a secret until now.”

Louine Vrinell

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