Asellus Kyarix

Nekro Splatter, Asellus Kyarix, Risen of the Half Moon


Asellus is a young woman in her late teens, garnering most of her appearance from her mother, a human. She has a cropped hairstyle of dirty brown, barely making it beyond her slightly pointed ears and sleek, lively maroon coloured eyes. Contrary to her garb, her skin is dark tan, as if it were once pale but have been under the sun for many years. She wears a black hooded cloak covered in bloodstains with a writhing suit of black chainmail underneath. Her hair, gloves, trousers and boots are covered in crested bloodstains and she carries a blood-red scythe, resembling much like that of a claw of a red dragon. Even to those without an acute sense of smell, she reeks of death.


Asellus Kyarix

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