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Our story begins in the dead of night. The hour is 11:12 pm. Our protagonists begin their adventure at the city of Lynnal, ruled by Countess Louine.

Here are our characters: [Twila Storm] – Changeling Shugenja (Water) [Freya Nytha] – Female Camako Monk [Skelhat] – Female Human Bard [Arla Whitecrest] – Male Merfolk Ranger

Skelhat, coming from the city of Nitorre, and Freya, coming from Seiva’s Forest, enter the city before hand, hungry and tired. Their first stop is at the Inn in Lynnal where they rest, Freya chose to bathe before hand. Twila, coming from the Forest of Ill Hope, enters the city afterward, picking up a few stones before hand and stopped at the inn. Arla, coming from Catas Sanctum, braved the raging waters of Lynnal’s bay and climbed up to the gates. His horse followed him on shore along the stream and though unwillingly, crossed the bridge into Lynnal. He also first stopped at the inn and rested.

The following morning Arla awakened and looked out of the window, only to be shocked to find that the only bird he had seen in town to be shot out of the sky. Obtaining the corpse, he later cooked and ate it for breakfast.

Freya forced Skelhat to bathe in the morning and then all members left the inn, meeting up at the entrance of the inn. After a brief meeting of the protagonists, Asellus entered the inn and confronted the party. She told them of her plan to eradicate the town of its immortality and restore order into the world, asking the party for aid in this endeavor. The party, slow to join the slaughter, decided to think it over and find information on the conquest.

Twila and Arla, taking Asellus’ advice, went to the graveyard to investigate. Finding that all the graves had no information on them, decided to, in broad daylight, dig up a grave. In the process, a city resident noticed them and enraged by their disrespect attacked them on sight. Twila was caught off-guard by the surprise attack, but Arla with his quarterstaff felled the Orc commoner in a single strike.

After digging up the grave and finding sandbags in the coffins, they recovered the graves and Freya and Skelhat found them. Freya convinced them to stop being creepy and instead save some children after a night of rest. The party then retired for the evening. On a side-note, Twila stole the dead man’s 2 silver.

Slayrrlen's Leaflets

Our story continues in the night where two additional protagonists enter the town of Lynnal. (City, Town, Lynnal’s called both at times. Just depends on who you’re speakin’ to.)

So, here are our characters again: [[Anmocualinemiliz]] – Male Couatl [[Freya Nytha]] – Female Camako Monk [[Loki]] – Female Camako Hexblade [[Twila Storm]] – Changeling Shugenja (Water) [[Skelhat]] – Female Human Bard

In the midst of the night, the two new characters, Amno (We’ll leave it at that for now) and Loki enter Lynnal, coming from the middle south. Quickly finding themselves in need of food and bed, they began their search in town. Amno, quickly struck up conversation with the Dragonrae at the Leg and Road Stables, currently owned by Evira Senmore’s daughter, Rema Senmore. Anmo quickly learned the Dragonrae’s dislike for Camako, of which didn’t know Loki, a Camako, was also fluent in Draconic, of which she quickly became offended. Anmo also learned the location of the local Inn in town, which was ironically called The Inn. The two quickly made their way to the Inn, awakened the Female Gnome and rented a room.

Later that morning, the party was awakened by a troupe of Grigs and floating plates of food. They ate their share, bathed (Or not for those that chose not to), and made their way down to the first floor of the Inn. The party was now reunited, aside from Arla, and met the two new members of the Inn. Twila however, quickly noticed that Asellus and her young girl compannion, was sitting in the game room of the inn, playing Blackjack. She was invited to a game and played though quickly lost to Laemae, Asellus’ young girl. Pitying the woman out of her lack of knowledge on the game, Asellus ordered laemae to return her gold and quickly vanished into the shadows, only Twila noticing. The party, without any discernable leader, managed to pick up Anmo and Loki, and begin their search for the missing children.

The party left for the Stables and questioned Rema a bit on the information they needed, and Freya purchased a Guard Dog to track down the children. They left the town, crossed the bridge and began tracking the creatures into the southern part of the forest. Along their travels of tracking, they were ambushed by a large pack of Wolves. A long, hard battle ensued, causing Skelhat to be felled a handful of times, as well as Freya once or twice. It was Twila’s turn to shine, and she did amazingly, keeping the whole party rejuvinated and on their feet, long enough for them to slay each one of the wolves. It was then they found something amongst their bodies, there was a letter for Arla in one of the wolves mouths.

Slayrrlen's Leaflets

Our story continues where we last left our characters after felling off a pack of wolves. The time is now 2:04 p.m.

Characters: [[[Amnocualinemiliz]]] – Male Couatl | [[[Freya Nytha]]] – Female Camako Monk | [[[Loki]]] – Female Camako Hexblade | [[[Twila Storm]]] – Changeling Shugenja (Water) | [[[Skelhat]]] Female Human Bard

Our story starts with both Loki and Skelhat becoming wreathed in ethereal fire and vanishing from Oceania, their souls safe until their return. The rest of the party, finding that this sort of phenomenom happens occasionally, were surprised, though little concerned. The party searched the wolves, finding some coin lodged in between their teeth, and Freya found a letter intended for Arla. The contents focused on the bum in Lynnal (Of which some of the party bypassed though few remember, if at all) claiming him to be a Lycanthrope, particularly a Were Wolf. Arla was asked to slay the beast as he was accused of being a natural born Lycanthrope, meaning he had the ability to afflict others, changing them to into Were Wolves.

Freya passed around the letter but eventually kept it in her backpack and the party continued on, having Shady (Freya’s Guard Dog) pick up the trail again. Shady took the party to a cave and ventured inside, only to be faced with a small bed of Violet Fungus. The fungus managed to poison all but Anmo and whip a few lashes into each member. Twila and her divine healing kept the party on their feet as they felled the fungus and continued into the cave. On a side note, Skelhat arrived in the midst of the fungus battle and aided the party.

The party almost walked directly into a large spider web whereas Anmo was bit by a tiny spider, though thankfully, wasn’t poisoned. It was then everyone realized they were faced with a small army of spiders, ranging from bird size to human size! They quickly surrounded Anmo, as he was leading the group with his darkvision, though few managed to land any bites on him. It was a quick and relatively painless battle as the majority of the party simply stepped on or thwacked the spiders with their quarterstaffs.

Freya cut down four of the children and a dog from the web and Twila healed them back to health. Anmo scared the living daylights of out the children by eating their already dead, and bloodless, dog right before their eyes. But what could a hungry serpent say, other than that he was hungry? Freya and Skelhat opted to take the children back to town before venturing any deeper into the cave whereas Anmo and his dragon-like attitude could see little point in wondering to-and-fro with a handful of children, and decided to contiune without them, Twila offering Anmo her aid.

Freya and Skelhat left the cave and went back into the forest, finding four strange wolves eating the corpses of the wolves. Rather than face them with the children, they all hid and silently moved passed all the new, strange wolves and headed to the forests fringe. There, they came across another problem, a crested felldrake, by which Skelhat recognized. The team simply waited until the felldrake left but quickly found that it was a ploy for followers. Two traveling people, a human merchant and human guard walked by and caught sight of the drake. The merchant drew a wand while the fighter drew his greatsword and readied to battle the drake threatening the road. The merchat however, was impaled from behind by a hidden horned felldrake and instantly slain. The fighter, caught off-guard by the horned felldrake turned and was bitten from behind by another crested felldrake (Not to be confused with the wandering one) only to also be impaled by the horned felldrake. All three drakes took their newly found food and dragged them into the northern part of the forest.

Freya and Skelhat, sat quietly as they watched the horror unfold before them, the children oblivious to the happenings and instead were playing patty-cake with each other, before stepping out once they were sure the drakes were gone and claimed the spoils for themselves. A red dowel with a bloodstone and a cold-iron greatsword.

The two continued into town with the children, returned them to the stables, put off thier reward and instead went throughout town, selling their spoils and getting Freya and Shady cured of their poison and Freya permanent Mage Armour and Cat’s Grace. Twould be a shame should the lass enter a Bank now.

Anmo and Twila continued on into the cave whilst all this was happening, and came across and thrice path. One leading right, another left, and yet another straight fold. The straight path led to a stream with pathways along the side heading down deeper, into a cavern. The right led toward a stone-like building, the left led to more spider webs and what Anmo saw, more wrapped children.

Taking the left path, Anmo and Twila encountered two dog-sized spiders, a human-sized spider and a spider even bigger than that! Twila remained behind Anmo, keeping him vital as Anmo remained at the forefront, facing off the spider alone. As expected of a Couatl, he couldn’t be slain by such puny spiders and stood regal over all the corpses. Twila, taking less time to enjoy the victory, cut down the two children and healed them both before convincing Anmo not to venture any deeper and instead, help her take the children back to town.

By the cave entrance, they came across something feeding on the slain fungus. It was none other than a carrion crawler, of which Anmo didn’t even see as a challenge and threw himself at the beast. It was bite versus bite in this battle, or rather, bite versus eight paralyzing tentacles and a bite. Twila remained behind Anmo, ready to heal any wounds he may acquire but the crawlers bite couldn’t get through Anmo’s mage armour, though the tentacles managed to paralyze him a few times. Needless to say, Anmo had this battle in the bag, whenever he could get to his feet.

The party reunited after the battle and began taking the children toward town. Anmo, irritated by the long trip, opted to take the children himself and fly there, only to be slammed from 20 ft. in the air back to solid ground, nearly killing the children in the process. Twila healed both the children and Anmo, only to be surrounded by the four strange wolves again. Once they howled, Skelhat recognized the wolves as Krenshar and began a mildly lengthy battle with them, as the party was town between fear and battle. Eventually, the party came on top with little injury and with the children thankfully unharmed and headed back to town without any other trouble.

In town, Anmo demanded his share thus far and the party opted to continue their search for the last two missing children and to slay the beasts kidnapping them after a bit of rest.

Slayrrlen's Leaflets

Our story continues within the Inn of Lynnal. The time is 10:06 p.m. at night.

Our characters: {Svarnia} – Female Semaki Rogue | {Freya Nytha} – Female Camako Monk | {Hilon Shara} – Male Vertigen Wu Jen | {Skelhat} – Female Human Bard

The story begins with both Svarnia and Hilon traveling toward Lynnal, though the pair aren’t together. Hilon had been ahead of Svarnia and managed to make it to Lynnal’s bridge after a long, confusing journey. He stopped for a moment, contemplating his situation before attempting to cross the bridge, which he later found to be a terrible choice. Without realizing there were holes in the unrepaired bridge (or perhaps a decaying bridge would be better suited for its title), he fell through one of them and had been hanging there for dear life. He couldn’t, however, pull himself up from dangling over the raging waters of the Zale River.

Svarnia had been traveling behind him unwittingly and came across the very same bridge. She, however, saw the holes randomly located along the bridge and attempted to cross as well. She ended up falling as well and the guards up at the gate had been watching. The Golden one couldn’t contain her laughter while the dark one felt the need to make an attempt to help. Tying some rope to two arrows, she fired both near the two travelers in an attempt to drag them along the bridge to safety, something the two misinterpreted. Now the two were believing they were under attack and Svarnia pulled herself to safety as well as Hilon. They returned to the side of the bridge they originated at and pondered on their situation.

Asellus had been traveling to the town this evening and found them. In her own creepy way, she greeted them but only managed to frighten the two. However, this was just what they needed to push themselves to cross the bridge, of which they found that the guards weren’t actually trying to kill them but instead help them. Venturing into town, the two made their way to the Inn and Svarnia stole a key to a room, of which Hilon paid for. The two made their way into their room and prepared themselves a meal and Svarnia found herself a rare bottle of wine. The two then retired for the evening.

The party was yet again awakened by Grigs and served breakfast via floating plates of food. Freya did her usual flip and grab method of eating and Skelhat ate normally. In the others rooms, however, they couldn’t find Svarnia and found Hilon resting in the bathtub. Startling him, they all became subject to his Vertigo and fell prone for the next few hours. Hilon began to eat his own meal and noticed that the other plate had vanished. After the party have had their share of breakfast, they all traveled down to the lobby.

Freya and Skelhat had been talking throughout the night and decided that they would take the Countess’ side in this endeavor, though unsure of what everyone else’s take on the matter was. Hilon attempted to find out where he was, and obtained a map of the area, though still couldn’t fathom how he had managed to get himself here or how to get back to his home. Near the Inn, Freya, Skelhat and Asellus had crossed paths and Freya had announced that they didnt want to get involved with something like a city slaughter. Asellus, a little disappointed, understood and took in that she may be alone in her assault. Hilon, however, was intrigued and began conversation with her. He was quickly hired onto her side with the promise of money and a quick trip back to his home and Svarnia was also intrigued and joined as well. In midst their conversation, Hilon had also noticed something off about Asellus and the child with her, Laemae. He studied Asellus immensely, borderline molestation, and quickly found out what she truly was, as well as the child with her.

Asellus asked Hilon and Svarnia to accompany Freya and Skelhat in their search for the missing children while she attempted to appease the needs of the Green Dragon. The next day, she would come to find them and begin their plea with the Green Dragon to aid in their conquest.

The team ventured into the forest, after Svarnia had almost caused the death of Shady utilizing a stick and the Zale River. They found Laemae animating the skeletons of the wolves and the corpses of the Krenshar. Nodding to her, they continued past her and ventured once again into the cave, finding a pack of large rats feasting on the Grick and the fungus.

The team battled the rats, taking in only minor injuries that Skelhat kept recovered. After a short battle against them, the team became victorious.

Slayrrlen's Leaflets

Our story continues at multiple locations, the Inn in Lynnal, Northern Mesapharia Forest and a cavern in Southern Mesapharia Forest. The time is 11:34 a.m.

Our characters: {{Lafayel Anbera}} – Male Asherati Cleric | {{Twila Storm}} – Changeling Shugenja/Warmage | {{Freya Nytha}} – Female Camako Monk

It’s the late morning within a cave of a Green Dragon. She’s sitting down in an Elven form at a large round table with Asellus and Laemae. The three had been discussing matters for quite some time and the dragon had been just as stoic as ever. Slightly adjacent to Laemae was someone of equal rank to Asellus and also a member of the Nekro Menage; Lafayel Anbera. The lad had been in contact with Asellus for some time now and had just made it to Lynnal. He’s quite aware of her plans and the fact that their leader would be visiting Lynnal soon, though hadn’t yet placed himself openly on the situation. Laemae turned to Lafayel and began whispering to him, “You, unlike me, can escape this madness. You aren’t bonded to the dimwit so I suggest you take your leave. Find the adventurers saving children. Two of which already refused to help us, but unlike Asellus, I suspect that there may be more to them.” With that, Laemae gave a quick slap to Lafayel’s face and he found himself just outside of the Inn in Lynnal.

Twila had just awakened in her room and found that Anmo was now inside of some sort of cocoon. Rather than attempt to question the creature that could possibly not even hear her or be conscious she just began to eat her food and left the Inn, running into Lafayel. After a few quick exchanges, the two began to head toward the southern part of Mesapharia. Freya had found herself all alone in the cave as Svarnia, Hilon and Skelhat had become wreathed in ethereal fire and vanished, safe until their return. Frightened by the thought of being alone in such a cavern, she turned away and ran out, attempting to return to the city to reunite with a few others. Rather than find her other friends however, she found instead a disgusting looking Hyena and a strange worm-like creature with four tentacles.

At the start, Freya tossed a vial of Alchemist Fire at the worm, instantly setting it on fire and grazing the hyena in the process. The fire made quick work of the worm though now the battle began between Freya and Shady versus the incredibly ugly hyena. The hyena and the pair exchanged blows for a bit of time until Shady was eventually felled by the beast. Outraged, Freya began an assault on the creature, quickly learning that its wounds would occasionally close and damaged her each time she damaged it. The battle seemed close until Lafayel came in riding on strange air mount and quickly saved Shady from certain doom. He then turned to the hyena and bashed it with his shield, felling the horrid beast. Twila came in a bit later and healed both Shady and Freya before they entered the cavern yet again.

With Lafayel’s ability to become a lamp at will, the team was now able to venture into the cavern without concern. The light from Lafayel also caused many of the rats to scurry before battle could ensue. Along the way the team came across some more fungus, though this particular type had not tentacles and seemed entirely rooted to where it was. As the team began hacking away at the fungus, they would let out a horrendously loud shriek. Lafayel felt as though whatever’s in the cavern was now alerted and that they should move on quickly.

They continued down onto the left side of the path and came across another split, this time, allowing Shady to find the correct direction. The team began left yet again and into more fungus, though this time the tentacle kind. Lafayel started off with a sound burst, hitting more than he had anticipated, in which whatever he hit used a darkness spell, of which Twila quickly countered with a light spell. A hefty battle began between the two teams, of which Twila began using her offensive magic to aid the party a bit. In midst the chaos, Freya got poisoned by one of the fungus, but the lot was slain quickly. Beyond that, was a small cluster of spiders, ranging from small to large. Lafayel, utilizing his sand powers, created a large vortex of black sand, which severely injured, even killed, a few spiders, while Freya and Shady melee’d the lot. Without much injury, the team crushed the spiders and rescued a young lass, as well as found a small horde of treasure.

The young lass was Ana, and in her own words, “I’m a Fighter, Barbarian, Rogue, Druid!” of which the team quickly realized she wasn’t yet a druid, but was aspiring to become one. Taking her along, the team continued north along her words of where she saw the last missing child. A battle quickly ran underway between them and three more tentacle fungus. Ana utilized the many abilities that she had and disappeared at the start of battle before reappearing behind one of the fungus. Letting out a terrifying rage, she began swinging madly at the plant, only to be assaulted by both it and another adjacent to her. Her attempt at feigning death failed, and she instead went on to use a chainsaw lollipop given to her by Twila. In midst an amazing feat of slaying a fungus with the lollipop, she herself was also killed, one moment too late before Twila could heal the child. After the battle was won, there was a hint of sadness in the air as Lafayel created a small tomb for the fallen child.

Pressing on, the team then came across possibly their worst encounter yet, another cluster of spiders though this time, four medium, two large and a huge one. It was then Twila had realized just how much spiders scared her. The battle was long and hard, many members of the team saw glimpses of death and each had their own moments when they shined, but victory was on their side. After such a battle, the team decided to take a quick rest.

Slayrrlen's Leaflets

The location is still the cavern in the southern Mepharia forest. The time is 5:35 p.m.

Our characters: {{{Lafayel Anbera}}} – Male Asherati Cleric/Walker in the Waste | {{{Twila Storm}}} – Changeling Shugenja (Water)/Warmage | {{{Freya Nytha}}} – Female Camako Monk

After the team had recovered slightly after a quick rest, the continued onward into the cave. Thanks to Lafayel’s illumination everyone managed to spot what appeared to be a naked, unconscious human. After traveling over to it and checking it, Freya quickly realized that the human was stable and unharmed. Freya then began to dress the human in winter clothes for protection and other obvious reasons and Lafayel noticed that the human also had fangs and spineraks. Whilst this was happening, Twila was quickly surprised by the sudden appearance of two Ethereal Filcher’s, each of which grappled her immediately, one stealing her sickle. A Homunculous appeared beside Freya who quickly took the chance to bite her. The team, now aware of what’s going on, stood up defensively, ready for a battle and it was then that the human stood to its feet. It got a quick judge of it’s bearings and stepped back a bit, still barely dressed with clothes fumbling all about it, and shot a large spray of web out of it’s mouth over Freya, Shady and the homunculus. This quickly started a fight with the team becoming split around in the battle. Freya stalking the human, Lafayel battling the Filcher’s and Twila taking the homunculous on one on one. It wasn’t long before this battle ended in victory, though the team quickly realized the human was a caster of sorts, while Lafayel was the only one to realize that the human wasn’t human at all.

The team found quite a bit of treasure on the creatures recently slain and decided to enter its shack, ironically, nearby. Inside the shack, they found even more treasure, including some tools, an alchemist lab and a water clock, of which Lafayel placed with his mount. The team took another short break inside the shack to reflect on what had happened and then continued on.

The party continued east from their location, having noticed more spiders in the distance and proceeded to attack them in hopes of rescuing the last child. The party was now faced with 1 huge spider and 3 large spiders with Lafayel leading the attack and summoning a spiritual weapon as the surprise round. The weapon attacked the huge spider the entire encounter until it faded and as the party took painful attacks from the huge spider, they had little trouble with the large ones. After a mid-length battle, the party had suceeded in felling all the spiders with the huge one randomly imploding. It was then the team searched their web and found amongst all the decayed, bloodless and flesh eaten corpses, quite a bit of treasure.

Slayrrlen's Leaflets
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